Lesbianism | Sweet Lesbian Love Quotes and Sayings For Her 2019

A lesbian is a woman who is attracted to other women. Two married women have a lesbian relationship. Although homosexual women are often called gay, it is more common to refer to them as lesbians. Here we offer a collection of lesbian love quotes , sayings and messages about lesbians.

Because love must be nurtured with small details, what if you surprise your partner with a quotes about lesbian love that expresses everything that your heart is not able to put into words? Here we leave you with the most beautiful love sayings from one woman to her partner.

A woman can devote herself to women because the man has disappointed her , but sometimes the man disappoints her because she was looking for a woman in him.

Lesbian Love Quotes

Lesbian Love

“You are the only person that makes me draw hearts.”

” Gays discover sex without emotion ; the lesbians often get emotions without the sex . “

“Have not you noticed? Every time we kiss, you’re prettier. Do you know why it is? It’s call love.”

“People say that loving you is a sin. If by wanting you I’m going to hell, that it’s always with you.”

Lesbian Love Quotes For Her

Lesbian Love Quotes

“Among men , sex often results in intimacy ; between the women ‘s intimacy often results in sex . “

“For lesbians , friendship is synonymous with foreplay.”

“If gays and lesbians give civil rights , then everyone will want them!”

“I’m going to get a blonde . No, I’m not a lesbian , I’m thirsty. “

“The female part of me is a lesbian .”

I Love You Lesbian Quotes

Lesbian Love Quotes For Her

“If you have children with your partner, who will be the father?”

” Women like to lick each other, not have a male adoring the vagina .”

“What they told me about the lesbians left me stunned. Are you all vegetarian ?! “

“It’s irritating to be a man in a lesbian body .”

I love that you are in my days to laugh, cry or get angry with you, but above all, to love you at all times.

Lesbian I Love You Quotes

I Love You Lesbian Quotes

I will not be your first love, nor the person who gave you your first kiss, nor your first girlfriend, but I want to be the last one in all this.

You give me more than I ever could have imagined: true love.

I chose you because I realized that you are worth it, you are worth the risks, you are worth life.

Love never has reasons, and lack of love either. Everything is miracles.

I knew that being loved is nothing. That to love, on the other hand, is everything “.

Lesbian Love

Lesbian I Love You Quotes

“If I join you, they’ll think I’m a lesbian.”

Love has no age; It is always being born.

The trouble with love is that many confuse it with gastritis and, when they have healed of the indisposition, they find that they have been married.

Love does not need to be understood, it needs to be demonstrated.

We walked without looking for us, but knowing that we were going to meet.

Lesbian Quotes

First Time Lesbian

“Lesbians do not have sex, because that is what a penis is needed for”.

“Maybe you became a lesbian because men did not peel you.”

“Who is the man and who is the woman in your relationship?”

“Why do you like men? You better go with a wey.”

“Net, do you like women? Why, if you’re very pretty?”

“How do you know you’re a lesbian if you’ve never been with a man?”

“Sure it’s a stage, you’re confused.”

First Time Lesbian

Lesbian Quotes

“It must be complicated to have to support another woman.”

“Give me five minutes and I’ll turn you straight.”

Or that if you were “more feminine” you would not be a lesbian.

Because surely, if you wore more clothes, all the men would be behind you.

There are few things so sad in this world that your crush is not lesbian.

If they ask you again who is wearing the pants in your relationship, you will explode.

When you have a girlfriend, there comes a point when your periods are synchronized and life becomes horrible during those days.

Quotes Lesbian

First Time Lesbian

“I do not care if they think I’m a lesbian.”

People who believe that you go through life converting other women.

“That she wears tracksuit and plays football does not mean she’s a lesbian.”

“I have never criticized lesbians or homosexuals. What people do from the waist down are their stories, not mine. ”

“I’ve never slept with a man. Never. Look what purity, I do not have to be ashamed … My gods made me like this. ”

“Some time ago I lived with a woman almost two years until I discovered that her tastes were exactly like mine: we were both crazy for girls.”

“I divorced my wife because she left me for another woman.”

“If all men were like you, even I would become a lesbian!”

“It’s time for the movies to tell a great lesbian love story.”

“When I’m with a woman, I’m the man, I’m the dominant being.”

“Love does not choose who to love, it only unites two feelings, two people to an infinite love.”

“Agent Doesn’t Choose to Love, Love Chooses Agent.”

“We don’t choose who we want to love, love simply comes as an arrow.”

“Telling someone not to fall in love is stupid, because you don’t choose to love, it is love that chooses you.”

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