Unrequited love is probably one of the deepest sad feelings that one can experience. A unrequited synonym love makes the person who loves and makes the other person feel uneasy, who is seen as the object of feelings that he does not share. In music and literature unrequited love is a theme that comes back many times. Of unrequited love phrases the songs are full, as well as from the literary works we can extract various aphorisms about upside of unrequited love . Every sentence about sad one sided love is a little pearl of wisdom, but those about unrequited love are even more so. These are often getting over unrequited love phrases that compose like letters of unrequited love . Here we have collected the most beautiful celebrated quotes about unrequited love .

We’ve all been in love unhappily and know what love-sickness feels like. And, of course, well-known personalities from past and present are no exception. Love-hearted quotes / quotes on unrequited Love and those for unfortunate lovers have already come from the minds of great / famous quotes men like Goethe and Shakespeare, and even the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius has left quotes to the lovesick. But not always a well-known person is behind the slogans – even unknown people have produced many beautiful and apt words. Take a look at our selection of the best quotes for lovesickness and unrequited love meaning ( one side love quotes ), you’ll see that you’re not alone with your feelings: maybe they can help you over the separation pain.

And one thing is certain: Unrequited is an extremely productive phase for writers and artists. Definition Of Unrequited is Pain and disappointment can best be processed in the form of art and lyrics, poems and messages about one sided love quotes and sayings or unrequited love . And that for many centuries. After all, even the ancient philosophers and poets of the Middle Ages knew the torments of unrequited love.

Unrequited Love Quotes

Getting Over Unrequited Love

“You have every right to leave me,
why I love, I don’t really know myself.”

“Just don’t cry for love, there’s not just one on earth.”

Quotes About Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love Quotes

“The moment has gone . All that remains is love and memory.”

“Pain is only as strong as you allow it to be.”

Quotes On Unrequited Love

Quotes About Unrequited Love

“Never wait for a person who is important to you.
Because if you meant something to him,
He would not let you wait.”

“You recognize the face of the human being in the light, his character in the dark.”

“Forgiving and forgetting means throwing out precious memories made in the past.”

Quotes Unrequited Love

Quotes On Unrequited Love

“Over time, you realize that it makes no sense to run after someone who is happy without you.”

“I’m running towards you, but I won’t follow you.”

Unrequited Love Quotes For Him

Quotes Unrequited Love

“Where there’s a lot of feeling, there’s a lot of suffering.”

“Those who have loved cannot forget.
He who forgets has never loved.
He who has loved and yet forgotten,
Has forgotten how to love.”

Unrequited Love Quotes For Her

Unrequited Love Quotes For Her

“If I can not be a path to your happiness, I do not want to stand in the way of your happiness!”

“How important you are to a person, you realize how much time he gives for you.”

“If I ever cried, it wasn’t because I lost, it was because I loved.”

“Why do I still remember all, that you’ve forgotten?”

Sad Unrequited Love Quotes

Definition Unrequited

“If he can’t return your love, he doesn’t deserve your love!”

Do you know what you find hardest when you lose it?

Famous Quotes About Unrequited Love

Sad Unrequited Love Quotes

“How I would like to convince myself that love is useless.”

A crazy heart, crazy to hold on to, that still believes that you think of me, is not sure that you gone away, that you left me and that you will not return. Tell him the truth and maybe he will understand; because you never told the truth…

Quotes Of Unrequited Love

Famous Quotes About Unrequited Love

How many times did I think I could tell her, how many times I thought I could do it, hours in the street talking under her house, laughing, joking and not understanding that I loved her.

“Because love is impossible love, when it fails to chase it is unreachable..”

Quotes For Unrequited Love

Quotes Of Unrequited Love

“Refusing to love for fear of suffering is like refusing to live for fear of dying.”

“Sometimes you hate the person you love the most, because he’s the only one who can hurt you.”

Best Quotes About Unrequited Love

Quotes For Unrequited Love

“They say that love is life, I am dying for love.”

“Sometimes you only realize how much you loved someone when you’re about to lose them.”

Love Unrequited

Best Quotes About Unrequited Love

“Only those who love without expectation know true love.”

“Only an impossible love can be forever.”


Love Unrequited

“I’m not hurt! Only surprised
At what an ass-hol* you can be.”

“It breaks your heart to pieces
You torture your mind
It upsets your life:
Of an impossible love
It’s hard to get rid of it.”

Unrequited Love


“I had to stay away from him, away from that impossible love. I had to get him through. I had no choice.”

“And he was not stupid, he knew what he wanted.
Only, he wanted impossible things. “

“I loved you with all my heart and you ignored me
as if I did not have a heart.”

“When you start caring the least, you don’t love anymore.”

one side love quotes

Unrequited Love

“I’ll go with you to the end of the world … and then I’ll push you!”

“When you give someone your heart and he does not want it,
you can’t take it back. He’s gone forever.”

The Upside Of Unrequited

Unrequited Love Definition

“I can love you but only at a distance it is easier to love certain people in their absence.”

“I love life but sometimes I doubt that I’m not paid.”

quotes on one side love

The Upside Of Unrequited

“Sometimes you have to let go of a person so that he can be happy. Even if you break it yourself.”

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quotes for one sided love

Define Unrequited

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who think only of themselves. And those who think of themselves and of others.

My heart? – “Temporarily closed for repair!”

Unrequited meaning

Unrequited Love Definition

“A minute of silence for all the men who were dying for me…”

“It is said that time heals wounds, but actually one only gets used to the pain.”

“It really is very good to love, bad is to know that who you love does not love you!”

When one day you want me and I belong to someone else,
I want you to understand, because I suffered to forget you.

Definition Of Unrequited

Unrequited meaning

“Look into the eyes of the person whose heart you have broken and you will realize that he will never be the same again.”

“The sad heart does not become light through words.”

one sided love quotes for her

Definition Of Unrequited

“Unrequited love is the most painful.’

“I tried a thousand times to forget you, but in the end … a thousand times I wished you only for me.”U

sad one sided love quotes

Unrequited Synonym

“Any mistakes you make are forgivable rather than the ways you use to hide them.”

“Sometimes I still cry after you. But then I think for a moment
and then I remember what a bad person you are.”

pain one sided love quotes

Unrequited Love Meaning

“Give my heart back to me or give yours.”

“If you want to forget me , you can….but make it very slowly.”

“My heart is hurt
to love wrong person.”

What Does Unrequited Mean

When one lives the end of a relationship it is difficult to clarify what one feels. In these moments, the sayings about love can help to express confused feelings in words. Unrequited Love definition there are those taken from famous poems and songs or there are getting over unrequited love quotes that can be useful to dedicate a thought to those who still love. The messages about unrequited love are as popular today as yesterday because there is nothing more tragic and painful than an unrequited sentiment or unrequited love meaning. If you are experiencing a similar situation, here is a selection of quotes about unrequited love.

Sometimes the lovesickness really throws us off track. We are desperate and can not imagine ever again to overcome the heartbreak. In such moments, quotes can help us: because they reflect what we feel or sometimes can give some hope. Here’s a selection of profound love-hearted quotes for you, in textual form, and in unrequited love pictures in our gallery.

quotes on one sided love failure

What Does Unrequited Mean

“I have the body of a man and the feelings of a child.”

“Everyone sees what you seem. Only a few feel what you are .”

Upside Of Unrequited

Unrequited Pronunciation

“Look at things from a different angle than you’ve seen before.
Because that means starting a new life. “

“Love sadness is a horrible disease.”

“Get away from what’s dragging you down!”

“The worst thing about crying isn’t the tears, it’s the feeling of suffocation.”

one sided love quotes and sayings

Upside Of Unrequited

“Who really loved,
can really hate.”

“He who does not want you as you are does not deserve you.”

“Perhaps I do not cry, but it hurts. Maybe I do not say it, but I do. Maybe I will not show it, but I do.”

“Crying helps, because tears try to wash away pain.”

What does unrequited mean is not worth it, my Darling! Shakespeare already knew this, In the famous song from the 60s. And yet poem about unrequited love is as old as time. So whether he is worth it or not. Because where love and love is, there is always unrequited love. The reasons for this are diverse. Whether it is a separation or the unrequited love that breaks our hearts or whether we are betrayed by the partner. One thing is certain: whoever has a heartache does not have it easy. But with a lovesick spell , we can relieve our heavy minds from time to time.

Getting Over Unrequited Love

How To Deal With Unrequited Love

“Hate is not real, it is the absence of love.”

“Maybe if I had said the right words at the right time you would be mine.”

“We can stay friends” is the same as “Your dog is dead, but you can keep him”.

“It is bad when someone breaks your heart, but even worse when you also trample on it.”

sad Unrequited Love

Getting Over Unrequited Love

“No matter how long I have to wait, I will never give up on you.”

“I have loved those who despised me,
and despised those who really loved me.”

“Do you know what’s really wrong with you? Don’t want to be my best!”

Poem About Unrequited Love

I make you important and you insist on not giving me importance,
I make you bright star, but you do not even see my brilliance.
I’ll make you the first one and for you I’m nobody.
I treat you with priority and you have me as a hindrance,
I make you present and you do not even notice my absence.
I would give you my life! And you for me? No Jeez.

I make you clown to make you smile,
Make me holy to comfort you,
Make me a hero to defend you!
You do not care if I cry,
I’m sad and you do not care!
Maybe I do not care if I die.

I gave myself up and you did not even want to be me.
While I burned with passion, you were ice in indifference,
An inert cold stone that rests quietly in vanity.
Other lives, other loves, another joy and another presence,
Today is another flower that adorns your vast and cold garden, One
more that delude itself by loving you for real!

But I’m strong and someday I’m ashamed in the face
And you will not even keep a small memory, I
‘ll tear you out of my life and my memory.
I hold no hurt and I have no hope.
And this pain? Who knows someday, she
‘ll heal And I’ll turn it off, this sad story!

Getting Over Unrequited Love

“If you have to convince someone that he is the right person for you,
Then he is not the right one for you.”

“Do not be afraid to let go because you never know what great things will replace what you’ve lost.”

“Unrequited love is the most beautiful, because it never goes away.”

“Unrequited love is like a broken arrowhead in the body.
If you do not remove it quickly, it may start to wander …”

Define Unrequited Love

Getting Over Unrequited Love

“It’s hard when you ignore me, but it’s even harder when I have to pretend I do not care.”

“What makes me sad is knowing that the person I love can be happy without me.”

“The best way to heal a wounded heart is to let someone else take care of it again.”

How To Deal Over Unrequited Love

“I miss you. Funny how important it was for me just to be able to tell you how much I love you – I still love you – even after so long without seeing you, without listening to you, looking at pictures and dreaming about you…. How I love you. I miss you in everything, you know? Everywhere. This week I started working, you would be proud of me, it’s a very good thing, I’m changing, as you’ve always wanted, I’m becoming “someone”, as you always said. When I got this kind of job, I almost called you to tell you about it, so I touched myself that you don’t answer me anymore, you don’t want to know about me anymore. It’s a little cold at night, I lay in bed and I keep looking for you to warm me up, you know? Then I dream about you and when I wake up and open my eyes, I look for you and you’re not there. Wow… It’s like dying a little bit. In fact, I’ve been dying a little since the day you sent me away from your life.

Today I saw a child and she was so beautiful, I kept thinking about the child we would have in the future, because it was always our dream. I cry a lot when I think about the dream I had when I was pregnant with our little baby, I really wanted our son, his perfect little face, it would be the happiest day of my life was when you asked me to have a child, remember? I don’t think so, NE? Never mind.

I’ve been going to church, the one I called you and you didn’t want to go with me. I go straight, I have been searching a lot for God, one day I was thinking about killing myself, because I was very sad, tired of missing you, but then I went to the church and cried a lot, that anguish disappeared, thank God. The sadness is still strong, but now I know that I must not die, unless God decides so. I remember the jealousy that you had of me and that you still have today, I don’t know why you still deny that about yourself. When I left home, I couldn’t get out for a week, it was very bad, I cried and screamed like crazy, but now I only cry when I’m alone, when I see your pictures. I’ll stop here, it’s late and I’m sleepy, I’ll “spoil” a little and dream about you. I love you, don’t doubt it and don’t forget it! (Remember?!)”.

Love Unrequited

Define Unrequited Love

“Loving does not kill anybody, what kills really is to see their love in the arms of another someone.”

“I just wanted you to care about me the way I care about you.”

“Worst of all, it is not to have lost a great love, but to discover that it was never loved.”

“Before hurting my heart remember:
You live inside it!”

Unrequited Feelings

Famous Quotes About Unrequited Love, One-Sided Best Sad Sayings For Her / Him, Upside Getting Over Feelings Poems, Sayings Failure Definition Pain One Sided.
Love Unrequited

“It is difficult not to forget, it is to convince your heart that there is no turning back.”

“My biggest mistake was letting you grow inside me, without even me existing within you.”

“My heart begs me to gain the courage to stop lying by saying that I only want your friendship!”

Let’s find out the most best and famous sad unrequited love quotes from which to draw inspiration if you are experiencing a similar situation. Unrequited love is very painful and unfortunately it happens to everyone, sooner or later, to experience it. Here is a selection of quotes from songs, movies and famous books about unrequited love.